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Minerve - South of France



Minerve never ceases to amaze me - each and every time I visit, there are new discoveries and a new appreciation for the beauty I find here in the South of France.



Discovery of a new path leading from the center of town to the riverbed below - the Southern Posterne.





The Cesse and Brian rivers flow above ground only in winter - giving you a feel for the canyons they cut in years past.  You must visit at least twice in order to capture this vision.

minerve-natural-bridgeminerve-below-closeThe Cesse flowing strong from under the mountain.

Turn around and look up!


Back up in the village, upon the plateau, more little treasures pop up - modern sculptures...



and old stone the old stone streets..











Plan your holiday to the South of France now.

There is to much to miss if you don't!