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Megalithic Stones in the South of France


Not only will you find Cathar history & ruins all over the South of France, but the Romans left their mark with the occasional pillar, as well as the Dinosaurs & cavemen.  Nearby Azille and not far from Carcassonne or Narbonne you will find a 5000 yr old Megalithic burial site built by a tribe called the "Veraza" in approximately 3,500 b.c.


The Dolmen de Fados, or the Fairies' Hillhock, sits in the community of Pepieux between Cesseras & Siran on a wooded hill, smack dab in the middle of the Minervois vineyards.

dolmen-distance-hill minervois-vineyards-siran-1

A tomb with a 25 meter long passage that was originally 2 and a half meters high, sits within a hidden 35 meter long burial mound.

With an entrance at each end the main chamber is covered with a 25 ton 'capstone' made out of locally sourced limestone - how the builders got it there is still a mystery today.

dolmen-entrance-inside-1           dolmen-carved-stone


The remaining pillars & stones have been carved from the surrounding sandstone, impressive work as well, and one of the largest Megalithic sites in the Languedoc-Roussillon.