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Gruissan Plage in Languedoc-Roussillan


In the Languedoc-Roussillon we have the luxury of choosing which Mediteranean beach we want to play on.  Not far from Azille, near Narbonne, are a few sunny, sandy coastlines : Narbonne-Plage, Gruissan-Plage, Gruissan-Plage de Chatelets and the drive-on beach where the Kite-surfing takes place.


If you want to have a more private day out on the beach, choosing the spot you prefer with less sand kicked in your face and not have to lug all your beach supplies in your arms, I would choose the drive-on beach on the other side of Gruissan 'old town'.

Access is not easy and it takes a bit longer to arrive, but it is all worth the trek out to have a piece of beach to yourself and be able to park the car right at the spot on the beach that you choose, makes the day out a lot less stressful and fun !Gruissan-wading






We found this view to the South...





 ...and this one to the North...Gruissan-beach-1





We had all afternoon to play in the cool sea with the sun out bright and shiny to warm us on the sand after each plunge !




Fins are ready...





      ...waves are rolling in.







challenging the waves...





...the waves have won !




 Whatever your pleasure, the languedoc-Roussillon will offer you many choices of fun in the sun - Enjoy !