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Minerve - more than meets the eye


I know I've talked about Minerve before, a few times if I recall.  But, each time I visit I learn more and I see the ancient village from another perspective and get excited about sharing with you all, yet again.

A photo show is the best way to describe what this Cathar village is like from many angles and you can see how a walking or cycling tour may be the best way to get the most from this amazing site near Azille - in the South of France.

minerve-above-4From the official parking lot above the village - the tower you see is one of the only original parts still standing from the Cathar days.minerve-cathar-tower








The tower close up arriving in the village from the only entrance during those days - a real refuge and well protected from the likes of Simon de Montfort's crusade.




View from the catapult launch that took out the water supply for the last of the Cathars - the only way Montfort could finish them on his crusade here in the Minervois.






Views from opposite the canyon, an inaccessible road until the bridge in the distance was built about 100 years ago

minerve-from-belowfrom the canyon below, a home poised on the edge of the cliff!


An old stone footbridge crossing the Brian river, now a beautiful gorge as the rivers runs mostly underground.


A surpise carving walking along the gorge below the village.

There is more to see as well, caves etched from the rivers that used to flow heavily down the mountainside, and there even art structures on occasion arranged in the canyons see from the bridge along the lower path!  Enjoy your visit to Minerve and we may even cross paths when next I am there!