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Azille, near Carcassonne


Azille, home of La Dolce Vita - the perfect place to begin your daily adventures and discoveries in the our wonderful Minervois region in the South of France - and at the end of your busy day, come "home" and share a glass of wine and relax with us !Azille horizon

Azille is equadistant between Carcassonne & Narbonne, on the edge of the Mediterrenaen sea; both must-see's when you visit the region, or are just passing through. In between relaxing and wine-tasting in Azille, you will also be enticed into a stroll around this ancient, fortified Earldom.

Our 14th century church, a gift to the Archdiosese of Narbonne, is filled with the famous pink marble from Caune-Minervois, and was enhanced with not one, but 2 monasteries nearby.14th century      azille church

During your walk through the narrow streets, you will discover many carvings and statues on private homes high up on the walls, several other parishes, and the original spring & wash station still bubbling fresh water from underneath your feet.  Entering through one old gate and exiting through another in the original village center, you will appreciate the old wall with remains of a tower or two along the way.  A stroll along the main promenade you will even see the remains of the ancient monastery & hospital that housed many a weary traveler it its day.azille arch 296 250 95









Azille is truly a historical landmark, virtually forgotten in the midst of modern times, and a bit lost as well, or a hidden gem today !