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front x adAs it is Springtime here in the South of France - I've decided to share with you today a beginning...Over 10 years ago I arrived in Azille after having lived near Dijon in the Burgundy region for a period of time.

Actually this chapter in my life was a continuation of the desire & passion I'd always had for living in France.  Never being able to place my finger on it, until the end of my volunteer job in Bolivia when I made a bold statement about getting here and running a B&B in a small village.  This became my life when I arrived here less than 5 years later in this perfect town of Azille.

I found the house that would be my home, and yours, and began the transformation of its many rooms and charming hidden corners.

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I met some wonderful local residents, one couple becoming my pseudo-parents who have been my saviors on many occasions, Annie & Michel.  They, among many others, have shared all their know-how and love of this land giving me a wealth of information about life and living here in the south.

In the beginning...I went through each room, pulling off wallpaper, repainting, cleaning and re-wiring.  Then the fun began, choosing my room decoration and watching the house turn into a very comfortable & homey place to invite you all to come and enjoy our laid-back lifestyle here in Azille.

If you want to learn more about the Minervois and the South of France, click here for a Free Guide that I've written for you, full of good tips for traveling in the region and creating a fabulous holiday - Welcome to La Dolce Vita!