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juarres bridgeAnd on the same subject -- the Canal du Midi -- there is more to see, on the other side of the water.  The canal path on a bicycle!  From La Dolce Vita, on one of our available bikes to rent, you only have 3 kilometers through the vineyards to arrive at the canal's towpath... near the entry to Caveau Jouarres, an Azille hamlet.

In one direction, after a casual, tranquille 4 kilometer ride, you will arrive at the Homps canal port, where you can have a bite to eat or a glass, then stroll along watching the boats pass by. In the opposite direction, a different 5 kilometers from the same footpath near Jouarres, you will arrive at a lock flourishing with fun and artistic metal sculptures, created by the lock-master himself.  Either way, you will enjoy a half day visit in the peace of the tree-lined Canal du Midi, at a snail's pace.