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A taste of the sweet life

Azille's self-guided tour


Discover the small surprises that Azille has within the village confines.  Currently "in progress", a self-guided tour map, which includes points of interest with short narratives of the interesting and historical points along the path through the center and edges of town.  This map is being made in collaboration with Maguey Guery, a noted and very valuable member of Azille.  She has spent many years being a tour guide with in depth knowledge of Azille's colorful past.  I will give this information to you in a brief format to enjoy on your leisurely walk around.  Here is a sneak peak!


The ramparts, the old walls and entry passageways into the very center will appear several times on your tour, showing you the fortification of Azille and the importance established during the early years of the Visigoths, Celts & Romans.  Although the Cathars were here and came through Azille, there is only slight evidence, as there was more support from the King and Church, which shows in the 14th church, standing in the middle and remains of convents, monestaries & chapels throughout your tour in and around the thick, stone walls still standing strong!

   portail-neuf-above      la-source-2

The path will lead you to the "source" - our own natural spring, which still today brings life to Azille. On the edge, near la Dolce Vita, there have been recorded findings and remains of a Visigoth burial ground.

If that is not enough to entice you to visit, then just remember the wine-tasting, relaxing & cuisine that awaits you here in Azille, at La Dolce Vita - come and taste "the sweet life!"