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A taste of the sweet life

Whale Man


There once was a whale, washed up on the shore...

There once was a farmer who wanted to learn, he wanted to share...

That is how the history of the Whaleman began on the shores of the Mediterennean, near Port La Nouvelle & the Domaine de Jugnes.  I don't want to spoil the whole visit, so I won't give all the details.  However, I will share the photos of the large 20 meter whale skeleton that once weighed 40 tons and now sits in the wine cave of a local vignernon. I will also tell you that he is the man to talk to if you want to know anything about the whales he is so passionate about!



 A rib cage big enough to fit a 4-passenger vehicle.


Made up of 235 bones, the skeleton was carefully put back together by the Whaleman and his wife, taking 4 months.


Open from April to September, hours of 15h - 19h00

the Whaleman offers free visits which include his massive knowledge!