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Museu Dali


The Dali Museum may seem a bit out of text here in Azille, however, I am sharing how close we truly are to so many amazing sites.  The museum, which Dali himself created, is in Figeras, Spain which is only a few hours drive from here.  Easy to do in a day, including stopping for a truly Tapas lunch, and maybe a bit of Spanish shopping on the way.

There is really not much to say about Dali, as we all know he speaks for himself and the display at the museum really shows us the amazing passage he took us on during his lifetime.

A photo display is really the only way give you a taste of what is to come during your visit:


LEFT: One of the first things you see is this courtyard, then you go up to the first floor and see it through chain figures. 

RIGHT: A bit of a mix of what...his leftovers with no home? Quite the collection is what one thinks when strolling through this section.


Truly lifesize paintings...

...and those larger than life!


And don't forget to visit his jewelry exhibit, which is outside of the main museum - entry on the corner!

An amazingly scary & beautiful montage of beating ruby hearts, skeleton grapes (above), long legged elephants and very modern, yet elegant brooches & rings - even the sketches amaze...

I've been several times and always enjoy with a new outlook each time - Hasta Pronto!