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Black Mountains


The Black Mountains, a very close day trip to make from La Dolce Vita.  You can be in a beautiful natural camping area, near an ice cold river or just swirling through the mountain roads passing through villages and trees along the way.

We took a just that trip, 20 minutes from the house and this is what we saw :

black-mountain-mille-ponts black-mountains-near-our-place

Looking across the hills & valleys just before you get to Ferrals-le-Montagne, this is what you see.  A mere 13 kilometers from here, you can be in the trees with vineyards and Cathar ruins dotted throughout.


On the plateau, there are many places to go horseback riding, pic-nicking, and after a good rain mushrooming would be on the agenda to get your dinner for the evening.


Picking wildflowers took us on a very tranquil and fun walk, as well as giving us a huge bouquet for the table at home.

A nice dip in the cool, refreshing river was in order after the sunshine warmed us all over!

All in all, you can choose your own path up into our local "Montagnes Noires" for a great day out!