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A taste of the sweet life

Azille & her vineyards


Local wines abound here in Azille, and we have close relationships with several wine-makers who allow us to share their wares and imbibe with our meals!

07-dscn0021         vines

As it is now fall, the leaves are turning and the vines are multi-coloured.  The 'Vin Nouveau' is out and the hot, mulled wine - red & white - is on the table, warming our toes and pleasing our palettes.  If you want to have a taste, our friends and family Celian & Sonia Parra, owners and producers of Domaine La Parra wines & olive oil, are right next door.  Here, at La Dolce Vita, we have many of their varieties & blends available to taste and buy. But if you want a true experience we'll schedule a personalized tasting in Parra's own small 'cave', where you'll find old-style, hand-presses for both the grapes and the olives - you may even get to have a few turns and create your own juice!  Whatever is available will be at your beck-and-call for tasting and taking home with you.  With enough advance notice, we can organize the creation of your very own wine label as well.  A personal experience not to be missed!

by hand  hand press  corking

It is truly the perfect time of year to visit Azille, to see the change in seasons and really relax under the autumn sky, taking a long walk in the area amongst the vineyards and ancient olive trees!


Halloween at La Dolce Vita


Halloween comes only once a year, a favorite holiday of mine and Laiyla' we celebrated big this year...welcome-come-in...a Haunted House!

La Dolce Vita welcomed all the little ghouls to join us big ghouls for a scare or two.  Offering mulled wine, white & red,  and ghosty cupcakes to all who dare enter - whooooahhahhahha!ghoulsmain-room-day-1peaking-overstirring-the-brew

A Snail's Pace


juarres bridgeAnd on the same subject -- the Canal du Midi -- there is more to see, on the other side of the water.  The canal path on a bicycle!  From La Dolce Vita, on one of our available bikes to rent, you only have 3 kilometers through the vineyards to arrive at the canal's towpath... near the entry to Caveau Jouarres, an Azille hamlet.

In one direction, after a casual, tranquille 4 kilometer ride, you will arrive at the Homps canal port, where you can have a bite to eat or a glass, then stroll along watching the boats pass by. In the opposite direction, a different 5 kilometers from the same footpath near Jouarres, you will arrive at a lock flourishing with fun and artistic metal sculptures, created by the lock-master himself.  Either way, you will enjoy a half day visit in the peace of the tree-lined Canal du Midi, at a snail's pace.

Messing about on the canal du midi


Canal du midi 1Canal du midi 2

The Canal du Midi, an amazing, long body of water centered right in our beautiful region.  La Dolce Vita is only 3 kilometers away and easily accessible in so many ways.  You can, as in the photos above, get on a peniche and take a cruise as Laiyla and I did to end the Fandango's season this past Sunday.  We jumped on the boat at the double lock near Argens. We settled in and cruised for the afternoon, enjoying lunch made by the chef and owner Hazel Young.  The pilot, and old friend from Dijon, Jean-Luc Broudic made the cruise smooth as we made our way along the tree-lined path waving at cyclists as we floated along.  We arrived in Le Somail after being able to totally relax and revitalize from summer's hectic should give it a try!

Harvesting luscious grapes to savour in a glass!


harvesting loadNow that grape harvest - Vendange - is winding down, it is time to think about wine-tasting and visits to our local wine Cave's to see how that lovely wine we drink is turned from grape to nectar!

Thanks to our close ties with two local vineyards, you can now indulge yourself with one of our "wine & dine" vintner tours.  Combine a 2 night stay at La Dolce Vita with a welcome glass, personal wine tasting, cellar & vineyard visit, along with a delicious 4-course dinner prepared to accompany the wines from the vintner you visit.

After a day of visiting & touring, enjoy the evening at our table with an amuse-buche of homemade pesto straight from the terrace garden; a tomato, pomegranite and sumac salad to savour those last, juicy, red 'love-apples'; all the while sipping a lovely AOC Minervois between bites of a mediterannean chicken and olive tagine, with a touch of preserved lemons, and finish it all off with a chocolate sorbet with the local sweet Muscat for dessert.

Finally, take home a bottle of vin nouveau, just prepared from the recent harvest, and don't forget the hot grilled chestnuts before you leave us and this amazing area.