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A taste of the sweet life



Perfect for this time of year, a visit to Lagrasse, considered one of the most beautiful villages in France.


This is the view you get after you've driven, or cycled (motorized or not) through the Corbieres for about 20 minutes from La Dolce Vita - it is worth the several kilometers of curvy roads to see it from up here.


Your walk through the village will take you on an ancient journey on narrow streets, crooked buildings and several pottery artisans nestled within.  Take your time and don't forget to look up as well as ahead.  Hidden well within the center is the original market place lagrasse-place-marchewhere all the trading was performed.



A working abbey (as seen through a tower in ruins up the hill - below) still exists at the edge of the village just beyond the river over the bridge - take wander and have a tour!




One of the many worthwhile visits close to La Dolce Vita in Azille - a perfect hub to discover the beauties of our region.


Black Mountains


The Black Mountains, a very close day trip to make from La Dolce Vita.  You can be in a beautiful natural camping area, near an ice cold river or just swirling through the mountain roads passing through villages and trees along the way.

We took a just that trip, 20 minutes from the house and this is what we saw :

black-mountain-mille-ponts black-mountains-near-our-place

Looking across the hills & valleys just before you get to Ferrals-le-Montagne, this is what you see.  A mere 13 kilometers from here, you can be in the trees with vineyards and Cathar ruins dotted throughout.


On the plateau, there are many places to go horseback riding, pic-nicking, and after a good rain mushrooming would be on the agenda to get your dinner for the evening.


Picking wildflowers took us on a very tranquil and fun walk, as well as giving us a huge bouquet for the table at home.

A nice dip in the cool, refreshing river was in order after the sunshine warmed us all over!

All in all, you can choose your own path up into our local "Montagnes Noires" for a great day out!

Museu Dali


The Dali Museum may seem a bit out of text here in Azille, however, I am sharing how close we truly are to so many amazing sites.  The museum, which Dali himself created, is in Figeras, Spain which is only a few hours drive from here.  Easy to do in a day, including stopping for a truly Tapas lunch, and maybe a bit of Spanish shopping on the way.

There is really not much to say about Dali, as we all know he speaks for himself and the display at the museum really shows us the amazing passage he took us on during his lifetime.

A photo display is really the only way give you a taste of what is to come during your visit:


LEFT: One of the first things you see is this courtyard, then you go up to the first floor and see it through chain figures. 

RIGHT: A bit of a mix of what...his leftovers with no home? Quite the collection is what one thinks when strolling through this section.


Truly lifesize paintings...

...and those larger than life!


And don't forget to visit his jewelry exhibit, which is outside of the main museum - entry on the corner!

An amazingly scary & beautiful montage of beating ruby hearts, skeleton grapes (above), long legged elephants and very modern, yet elegant brooches & rings - even the sketches amaze...

I've been several times and always enjoy with a new outlook each time - Hasta Pronto!

Whale Man


There once was a whale, washed up on the shore...

There once was a farmer who wanted to learn, he wanted to share...

That is how the history of the Whaleman began on the shores of the Mediterennean, near Port La Nouvelle & the Domaine de Jugnes.  I don't want to spoil the whole visit, so I won't give all the details.  However, I will share the photos of the large 20 meter whale skeleton that once weighed 40 tons and now sits in the wine cave of a local vignernon. I will also tell you that he is the man to talk to if you want to know anything about the whales he is so passionate about!



 A rib cage big enough to fit a 4-passenger vehicle.


Made up of 235 bones, the skeleton was carefully put back together by the Whaleman and his wife, taking 4 months.


Open from April to September, hours of 15h - 19h00

the Whaleman offers free visits which include his massive knowledge!

Self-guided tour finale


This will be my last installement of the Azille tour, as I don't want to spoil the whole thing...I am going to be a tease and show you more photos of sites along the walk and let your imagination do the rest!



Enjoy the visit!