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Cuisine in the Minervois


chicken-corn-soupA taste of La Dolce Vita - Something to sip on!

The menus vary and the tastes abound when you reserve your meal in Azille - local Minervois ingredients with a twist.

You can expect dishes like roasted tomatoes and olives, set over potatoes and topped with a Sea Bream filet.  Or how about a Mexican fiesta with a chicken & corn soup for a starter topped with crisp tortilla strips.


 You could dine on home-made Soup du Poisson, complete with freshly made Rouille. Followed up with Frozen raspberry yogurt, a tart dessert perfect for finishing the meal!

A rich Duck Parmentier and a fresh green salad with lettuce & tomatoes picked from the garden could be the main dish if the fusion meal goes more towards the French side of things.



A bit of Magreb spices might bring you a Tagine of chicken & preserved lemons served after the salad of 2 types of couscous and vegetables.

Or a simple yet tasty Asian country cuisine of ginger, peppers, pork strips & napa cabbage to warm your soul, inhaling the parfume of jasmine rice.



There is more than enough wine to accompany your meal, choosing from a local list of chateaux and caveaux to suite your taste, the flavorful food and good company!

The Minervois and La Dolce Vita will satisfy all your needs and your tastebuds, take a look at what there is to do and see, while dreaming about dinner.