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hand in tomatoesWhere does one go with this, where does one start? For many years, I traveled and lived abroad, shared my trials and tribulations, and enjoyed the learning of new cultures, new food, and new friends. Now that I am more settled, I am ready to write it all down, but don't know where to begin...Food seems to be the common seed!

My passion for food and cuisine begin before I was aware that it existed, the passion that is! I was cooking for friends on my 16th birthday, doing what I wanted to do on that special day, against their screams of you should be doing what you want on your birthday Natalie! It was a surprise to my very independent group of friends, as it was to me I might add.

I have since (almost 30 years later), come into my own regarding cuisine, spices and especially the infamous, Capiscum. In my earlier days, I had a nickname of the 'Garlic Queen' - then it turned into the 'Queen of Hot Peppers', there are even a few whispers of 'Chocolat in Azille' I've heard murmered. None-the-less, that is where I'll begin.