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Oooh so Mexican in France!


Salsa!Last night's dinner menu...Mexican, my favorite!

Chips and salsa to start, uhuh - homemade salsas, of course: a roasted onion, tomato and pepper salsa, and one I found from a TV cook, finely chopped onions, peppers and garlic marinated for weeks in Lime Juice! Hot and very tasty. We went on to savor (with many tortillas on the side) a chipotle & tomato shrimp appetizer. On the lighter side, a fish fillet cooked with honey, white wine and pepitas (mail order - no outlets here) on a bed of purple tomatilla salsa: sided with roasted, marinated potato slices, bell peppers and onions slathered with fresh raw tomato sauce. We finished our meal with a Mexican chocolate bread pudding over sauteed apples - all served with local Minervois wine!

Thank goodness for return guests who adore my cuisine and allow me to try new things!