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Pumpkins galore


Now that halloween is over, what do we do with the leftover jack-o-lanterns? pumpkin-5 At La Dolce Vita, we make pumpkin ice cream, beautifully smooth soup and below, a luscious tart! 

Basically it goes pumpkin-feta-tartlike this : Flaky Pie Crust, cooked pumpkin, cooked spinach, feta cheese, heavy & light cream, eggs and seasonings to taste.  Blind bake the pie crust, spread spinach on bottom of crust, then layer pumpkin in slices, sprinkle with feta (or your favorite cheese), salt & pepper, then top with creams blended with the eggs - bake until done and lightly golden, serve hot with a bowl of creamy pumpkin soup if you'd like!