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Chicken Pot Pies


On a rainy between-winter-spring day, what a better home-made, comfort meal than a Chicken Pot Pie!

Using some leftovers and a few staples, you can come up with a piping hot, yummy dinner.  We had leftover potatoes, from the previous night's raclette, so they got peeled, diced and placed in individual dishes (for easier serving and saving, they freeze well).

chicken-pot-pieThe sauce is the next item of business : it is a basic white sauce, however, I had chicken broth all ready to go, so I used a half milk & half broth, fills it up full of flavor.  Start by frying up very finely diced carrots and onions in a little unsalted butter & olive oil, add the flour & stir until a paste forms.  Add the milk & broth, a little at a time to avoid lumps, once it is a smooth, thick sauce add the rest of the liquids to your taste.  Add salt/pepper and any other cooked vegetables you desire - we added Umami dried mushrooms, fresh herbs and a minced garlic. Let cool about 15 minutes.  Get your dishes ready and prepare your crust, or use a prepared crust if you are in a pinch!



filling-upArrange your dishes together, so as not to make too much a mess, spoon filling into each dish until full - then lay over the crust, pinch it to the dish and poke a few holes into it with a knife to let the steam out while cooking.



piping-hotBake in the oven at medium temperature until the crust is golden and the pie is piping hot and oozing with goodness - Enjoy and Bon Apetit!