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A taste of the sweet life



Having a passion will bring you many adventure, a taste, a feeling, even a lifestyle.  As we live out our passions they become realities and make us feel that we can go the next level, achieve the next step, give us confidence to conquer that mountain.  One of my passions, as I am passionate about most things that come into life, is cooking.

I believe in smelling the perfume of spices, touching the food, squeezing it with my own hands...hand in tomatoes...using fresh juices, hand squeezing limeseasonal vegetables, ripe fruits - adding a touch of the exotic to what seems like simple tearing up crisp greens and herbs for the dish at the very last minute to release that flavor and pique the nose...hand tearing basil...and adding bold color for the eyes, introducing you to my style, my passion an eclectic mix of soul food from the Mediterranean and beyond...that will take you away and bring you back home all at once!