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Annual Cookie Basket


Well, as no one gave me any ideas and no favorites were mentioned, I made some executive decisions and came up with my cookie basket menu that goes like this...


Chocolate-Cacao Espresso Snowcaps :

melted chocolate mixed with pure coco powder and thick espresso, these rolled cookies were then dipped in powdered sugar not once, but twice.  When baked the top explodes to look like snow-capped beauties - and yummy they are !






Winter Spiced Cookies :

cinnamon, ginger (powdered and cristallized), cloves and molasses make up this spicy blend of drop cookies.


Chocolate & Raisin Cookies :

melted chocolate, brandy-soaked raisins make for a rich and boozy, chewy drop cookie - perfect for the holidays and munching on with a glass of mulled wine !




Pumpkin-Cranberry Bars :


one of the quickest bar cookies to make with leftover Halloween pumpkin & dried cranberries, which are the perfect marriage with this sweet, winter squash.  All ingredients are mixed together in a very wet dough, poured into a baking dish and into the oven.  When cooled, slice and eat this moist treat...uhmmmmm.





Buttermilk - Chocolate Bars :


a rich, caky brownie made with melted chocolate and buttermilk gives this bar cookie it's height and fluffyness - enjoy with your morning coffee.






Peanut-Butter Chocolate-Chip Sandwich Cookies :

que rico!! These traditional drop cookies are exactly as they are titled, chocolate chips and peanut-butter, and are even stuck together with a chocolate, peanut-butter and whipping cream filling - soft and gooey you can't eat just one !






Lemon-Lime Snowballs :


another year as snowballs are always a favorite - light and refreshing these refrifgerator cookies, use lime juice & zest and a very precious lemon oil to give them a nice rich & zingy taste to end a heavy duck dinner prehaps...





Cherry Honeyed-Almond Shortbread :


a bit more work, but well-worth the taste - sliced, toasted almonds stirred into a honey sauce and dried are added to shortbread dough along with whiskey-soaked dried cherries, formed into logs and refridgerated for a day.  Sliced thickly, then baked this shortbread is light and crrrunchy, chewy with cherry and tasty with almonds...


Enjoy the tasting !