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A taste of the sweet life

Potstickers, South-of-France style


Making potstickers, or Asian dumplings that are fried & then steamed, can be made just about anywhere - even in the South-of-France with a plethora of Mediterranean ingredients.


Start with a locally prepared pork sausage, I used the Toulouse blend removed from the casings; add finely chopped sweet onions, minced garlic, finely chopped leafy cabbage, chopped shrimp, chopped fresh coriander, freshly grated ginger, salt & pepper and a pinch of sugar...blend this mixture with your hands and add a few exotic ingredients, now easily found in France at a local grocery store:  Sesame oil & Soy sauce.


Wrappers are easy to make; mix 2 cups of all-pourpose flour with just boiled water, knead until smooth dough is obtained - let rest covered in plastic wrap for about a half hour...begin forming the dumplings by taking a small round of dough and working it between your fingers to form into a flat round...follow the photos below to create your own, fresh stuffed, flavorful potstickers:





 And with practice you'll soon be forming beautiful little packages of goodness...ready to cook!


Heat up a large frying pan with a slight bit of peanut oil in the bottom...


...and fry until golden on one side, turn carefully and add a cup of water, turn heat to low, cover and cook for several minutes, then remove the lid and finish steaming off the liquid...


Serve with a dipping sauce of Soy sauce, vinegar & hot oil - Bon Apetit!

p.s. as many asian ingredients are avaiable feel free to use rice vinegar, chinese cabbage, green onions or chives and any other of your favorite flavours!


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