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Cycling in the Minervois, South of France


Time to get your cycling trip planned...and what a better place to start than in the Minervois, a wine region located in the South-of-France.  The different terrains, Cathar ruins and even Medieval, Roman & Neolithic history are all accessible from this one, unique spot.

Want to climb a small 15km hill to Minerve to then experience how one group of Cathars lived in the early 1200's when they sought refuge here so many years ago?  See where and how they lived from within the village and even from below, in & out of the caves within the dry riverbed below.

On the way to Minerve from Azille, you can take a short cycling break and see the Dolmens, a Neolithic burial ground just outside of Siran - easy to access amoungst  the vineyards.dolmen-3







Or how about a cycle ride along the UNESCOcanal-du-midi-aquaduct-3 famous Canal du Midi?  Experience the tranquility of the 17th century tree-lined,  engineering marvel through small villages, lock houses with artisans products and sculptures, and a pleasant picnic along the way.  A day out if you want, or take it slow and stop along the way to have a wine-tasting...







So many chateaux, wine caves and vineyards surround us here in Azille, so why not imbibe while having a cycle in the area and discover the diversity of our grapes, vines and their producers?  You could visit a different wine-maker each day without ever having your feet touch the ground!




And at the end of each day, you would cycle back to Azille only to be amazed at our fortified village, every time...So book your itinerary now!


For more ideas on cycling in the Minervois pick up a copy of "South of France - a bicycle your France guidebook" - by Walter Judson Moore who visited us and enjoyed a week of day trips from Azille, from easy to difficult!