A taste of the sweet life

Harvest in the Minervois, starting with Vegetables & Fruit


It's time in the Minervois, in the South of France, for the harvest once again.  The grapes, white and red, have been ripening and are being picked for the table (as well as the bottle)...



But let's not forget about all the other wonderful vegetables and fruit in the region of the Languedoc-Rousillon that are coming into maturity, the bounty ready to be eaten at any meal or snack-time and the rest preserved for later this year...if it lasts that long!



The variety of figs is amazing and several are in their second production for a succulent mouthful of sweet goodness; have them for breakfast and sweet snacks right off the tree - but also perfect for jam on those cool winter mornings to be spread on  warm, grainy breads and baguettes with your aromatic coffee warming you up.






And the peaches, simply called "peches de vignes" - vine peaches...have all been falling off the trees they are so ripe.  The jam is a big hit at breakfast already, won't be any left for the winter!




There are a few fresh grean beans left on the vines, with more drying out in the warm sunshine to be used in winter stews and cassoulets; tomatoes are turning red before our eyes and courgettes, albeit late this year, are ready for some great grilled evenings on the bbq.






Late squash is starting to get bigger with the pattypan looking pretty & white; winter melons and pumpkins will be ready for Halloween and Thanksgiving, no need to worry!