A taste of the sweet life

Gruissan Sea Salt


Starting out on a friend's sailboat in the port of Gruissan, we strolled along the quai to watch the seagulls and listen to the eery ghost-like sounds made by the boats' masts rolling in the wind.gruissan-portIt was a beautiful, sunny day and being Sunday in the winter, we were almost all alone, save for the hard-core sailors who live on their boats all year round!

So, we chose to go on an outing a bit further from the port across the water to the salt flats.  A short drive across the bridge and out onto the jetty we found a mountain of Gruissan Sea Salt.salt-mountain

It is well known around here for its pure qualities, and of course what chef wouldn't want to use local sea salt for cooking the best of dishes!tasting-salt
Here at the factory, you can taste and purchase the salt almost from out of the sea itself - and let's not forget the offer of fresh oysters as well, right out of the salt flats nearby!

You can take a tour and have an in-depth explanation of how the salt is made, farmed and prepared for your table and for your tongue...!

A 40-minute drive from Azille & La Dolce Vita, Gruissan is worth a visit and a walk on the beach, with all the houses on stilts reminds you of the old fisherman's village previously in its place, along with the Vieux village and its history too!