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Chinese New Year - South of France


In honour of the upcoming Chinese New Year, and all the available Asian ingredients found locally in the South of France, I had to share this simple & delicious meal !

One of my favorite dishes to make with Napa cabbage, or "Chou Chinois" as it is called here, is a quick stir-fry with a few basic ingredients.  It is a Chinese country-style dish, and can be varied according to your taste.

Pork roast or basic chops (or replace with chicken)


Peanut oil

Fresh or pickled hot peppers (or minced garlic)

Napa cabbage (or curly leave cabbage or bok choy)

Sea salt, to taste

Slice the pork in very thin pieces, grate ginger and mince as many hot peppers as you dare.  Slice the cabbage, and if you choose to add onions, slice those too !

chou-topHeat up a wok with peanut oil (or use sunflower if you prefer). I try to stick with oils from the country of origin to keep the flavours as authentic as possible, but preference is personal.  Add the grated ginger and peppers (or garlic) to the hot pan and stir-fry until flavors release - add the pork and cook until browned.  Sprinkle cabbage on top of cooked pork and sprinkle on a handful of sea salt, cover.  I used ground pork in the below photo, it is what I had on hand, again preference - chicken, turkey or even tender beef can replace the pork as well.


The dish is done when the cabbage is to your taste, less time for a crunch or longer for a wilted texture.  Serve with jasmine rice, or, as shown here, thin rice noodles.  Sprinkle minced green onions over top or as shown below, or even minced red onions - again taste is what you prefer!


Bon Apetit !