A taste of the sweet life

Messing about on the canal du midi


Canal du midi 1Canal du midi 2

The Canal du Midi, an amazing, long body of water centered right in our beautiful region.  La Dolce Vita is only 3 kilometers away and easily accessible in so many ways.  You can, as in the photos above, get on a peniche and take a cruise as Laiyla and I did to end the Fandango's season this past Sunday.  We jumped on the boat at the double lock near Argens. We settled in and cruised for the afternoon, enjoying lunch made by the chef and owner Hazel Young.  The pilot, and old friend from Dijon, Jean-Luc Broudic made the cruise smooth as we made our way along the tree-lined path waving at cyclists as we floated along.  We arrived in Le Somail after being able to totally relax and revitalize from summer's hectic schedule...you should give it a try!