A taste of the sweet life

Winter in Azille


We are in the folds of winter...it is cold, but not to fret, there is still life and activities to fill your time.  Inspire, Azille's very own art gallery and 'Art Space' is open and showing a very colorful and inspiring exhibition, with plenty of gift ideas and treasures.exh-12-12There are several artists featured in this exhibition so close to the holidays and the beautiful red ceramics (Pauline Pailly) and large flowers on canvas (Sandy Holden), which can also be found on smaller prints, are well presented within the unique walls of the gallery.


Children's workshops are running regularly as well and the kids seem to enjoy very much creating their own jewelry, games, masks, paintings and learning about the artists behind the inspiration.  Laiyla, my own daughter, doesn't like to miss them, begs to go on Saturday mornings and always returns with a smile and something to hang on the wall or on me!

If you want to meet the artistsexhi-12-12there is a special evening planned on Friday the 21st of this month.  All are welcome and Angela Saunders, the gallery coordinator, will personally introduce you the them and their body of work!

Winter is cold and can be a bit daunting, but we here in Azille keep things alive!  Enjoy