A taste of the sweet life

Self-guided tour part 1


Finally done and ready to go, the self-guided tour our lost village of Azille.  As you saw in previous posts, I have been preparing and putting together a small map with many points of interest on it, and a bit of history so that you can take a walk around Azille and understand what it is all about.  It took longer than I imagined it, but I have learned so much about our little village in the middle of the vineyards and can now share it with all of you in full confidence!


Here is the first of part of the tour, getting you ready for your visit to Azille and the walk around town! Start at La Dolce Vita, of course - walk around the back of the house, down the very narrow path and discover a grand chateau, owned by the well-known book publisher Gallimard - originally built in the early 19th century by an established wine merchant.

You move on down the street to imagine, as private property and olive trees now cover it, the visigoth cemetary excavated to show over 300 graves of a nearby community of Visigoths.


3-penitentsWalk down another little path between houses and arrive in the 'Place' (currently called le place de Plo, however, Plo means Place) where the "sinners" church still stands, Eglise de Penitants!  The church was constructed with private funding and was home to the sinners who searched for penitance - later it was turned into a theatre and a cinema for the villagers 20-30 years ago.

This is only the beginning, so join us next week to continue our journey through Azille with more photos & history!