A taste of the sweet life



Perfect for this time of year, a visit to Lagrasse, considered one of the most beautiful villages in France.


This is the view you get after you've driven, or cycled (motorized or not) through the Corbieres for about 20 minutes from La Dolce Vita - it is worth the several kilometers of curvy roads to see it from up here.


Your walk through the village will take you on an ancient journey on narrow streets, crooked buildings and several pottery artisans nestled within.  Take your time and don't forget to look up as well as ahead.  Hidden well within the center is the original market place lagrasse-place-marchewhere all the trading was performed.



A working abbey (as seen through a tower in ruins up the hill - below) still exists at the edge of the village just beyond the river over the bridge - take wander and have a tour!




One of the many worthwhile visits close to La Dolce Vita in Azille - a perfect hub to discover the beauties of our region.