A taste of the sweet life

Cookies & Cupcakes


Cookies & Cupcakes, an Annual tradition at La Dolce Vita, prepared, baked, packaged, and finally, distributed amongst our friends and supporters in Azille.

This year, end of 2012 going into 2013 was no different, except that Laiyla was much more involved in the whole process.  We sifted flour together, even on the floor!  We stirred, dropped spoonfuls of batter on baking sheets, filled cupcakes tins, rolled dough and baked for 2 full days.  Finally we finished and ended up with a variety of baked goods to share with everyone on our list.


Molasses & fresh ginger cupcakes was the first item on the agenda to make & bake: Molasses organic and ginger grated by hand.  Prepared the dough for the Lemon Snowballs next, as it needs to refrigerate before forming into little balls to cook: fresh lemon juice, lemon zest & a special ingredient provided by our local "Boulangerie", lemon oil - highly potent to add just the right level of lemon flavour!


Chocolate chip cookies a must, along side a healthy Cranberry, Oatmeal & Chocolate cookies made with raw brown sugar and wholewheat flour to make sure you can enjoy one, or two, without any worries!  Pumpkin muffins made from oven-roasted pumpkin (remember our halloween jack-o-lanterns?), Cherry & Cinnamon cupcakes, thanks to the cherries picked last season and frozen, and finally a few peppermint, mini meringues!

Isn't it great to live in Azille?  Anyone can enjoy the goodies, just book a room in January and yummy is sure to follow...