A taste of the sweet life

Serenity in Azille in the Minervois


Azille, a small village in the Minervois wine region in the heart of the Languedoc-Roussillon, rests in amongst the vineyards in the South of France.


How often do you see full rainbows while relaxing on your rooftop terrace?  Well, here in this serene village, you'll come upon many colorful light arcs sparkling in the distance, activating your sense of wonder and awe...




Finding your way to Azille may not be easy, however when you arrive in this hidden sanctuary, seemingly lost  in time, you'll feel the calm wash over you. 

Strolling through the narrow streets will be first on your agenda and you may never see anyone other than a lounging cat high above...

...and the only noise...the squeaking of an old bicycle descending a path somewhere nearby.


At some point during your stay in this ancient town, the wonderess that you are, will take you down into the vineyards so that you can view Azille from below, while looking up at her beauty above...you'll take your time as you watch the branches sway in the breeze & a smile will appear.

You'll feel the calm, the reason most of the original inhabitants never leave...


Being the center of the universe, Azille can take you in any direction for the day to find your pleasure in this still innocent region, a day of self-discovery that you create and for only you to enjoy.  And at the end of that day...return to the welcoming arms of the village and enjoy the evening, sipping the local Minervois wine...gazing over the rooftops of times past...searching...

azille-rooftops-alexis As the sun goes down and the moon floats in, you'll have a sense of peace in this place, a part of your soul will be touched.


Tranquility & Serenity - come and discover Azille, your new found retreat in the South of France.