A taste of the sweet life

Holidays in Azille


We had a wonderful holiday season, guests & family joined together to celebrate Christmas eve dinner, Christmas day lunch and New Year's Eve.


Cornish game hens stuffed with Black rice and cranberries, roasted potatoes and corn gave us the strength to watch darling Laiyla open her many gifts, and they say she's not spoiled!


Lunch was very non-traditional - we chose to do a La Dolce Vita meal and go with something international, Chinese dim-sum.  A close friend, Yi-Wen, joined us for the meal and brought a few dishes herself.  I opted to make kim-chi & pork stuffed, steamed dumplings served with a black rice vinegar and soy dipping sauce, sauteed salt & pepper squid and black bean wok'd pork ribs.  Yi-wen made us a wonderful (and for her traditional) bean thread salad that always goes down well, sauteed shrimp in spicy sauce and pork buns, homemade and very yummy! We ate too much, but enjoyed every bite. Happy-New-Year

New Year's eve dinner was enjoyed with Anna & her family who stayed with us over the New Year from Spain.  We all shared an untypical meal, however very comfortable for me, starting out with an amuse-bouche of pumpkin & za'atar hummus, that was followed with foie gras sirred with a sprinkling of sea salt & a side of fig jam.  The main dish was a joint effort with my dad, home-prepared pumpkin & cheese ravioli drizzled with olive oil & a fried sage leaf and served with a family style dish of Basil & Kadaifi fried prawns with a pinenut tarator to dip.  If that was not enough, we then ate a vanilla & orange creme caramel, which turned out devine.  We all brought in the New Year at friends' house with a glass of champagne!

Now it is time to get back to work and inform you all of what is to come this year, 2013 at La Dolce Vita - HAPPY NEW YEAR!  we hope to have many visits from all of you...