A taste of the sweet life

Self-guided tour part 2


If you read us last week, then you'll be right at home with this week's post - and we continue on into Le Plo...Plo...on the way towards the center, approaching the opening called Route de Rome.  Take a look right, down Impasse de Plo and see one of the old rampart towers, still standing as part of someone's home.

Don't bother trying to get closer to the tower, as the further you walk down this quiet street, it disappears into the wall along the way.

You then continue into the fortification, through the Porte de Narbonne to find yourself in the main market place square, where goods were bought & sold by all the locals and many out-of-towners arriving several times a week. place-aux-herbes

The vendors rented the planks to set up their wares, from St. Julien, the church's stock, providing extra income for the church as well as saving the load of the sellers.

While in the square, take a look up at a large, private home in the corner to find a statue of St. Jacque, carved right into the stone wall.