A taste of the sweet life

Food & Wine Holiday


Your dream vacation, full of food and wine in the South of France...Here at La Dolce Vita we live to eat and we love our grapes, you'll be right at home!

"Eating in" at La Dolce Vita is like "eating out" at a cozy restaurant, except that you'll get a personally prepared meal while sipping local, Minervois wine.P1080393

You may now enjoy a Mediterranean-Fusion two-course dinner on Saturday evenings complete with amuse-bouche, aperitif and finishing with our own homemade ice cream or sorbet, & cafe or tea to your taste.

If you are visiting us on a Wednesday or Thursday you can reserve a gourmet tasting plate with a glass of local wine, combining several different flavors and bites from beginning to end.

On any evening you may reserve a wine and cheese taster, displaying 3-4 matched cheese and wines so that you can find your favorite combinations.  You can even enjoy this combination on our rooftop terrace or privately in your room for a romantic rdv...

wine-dine-1For a special evening, reserve your "Wine & Food in Balance" tasting to discover a new concept in wine pairing, and a new way to enoy your food.  Come learn with us and find your palette!

Indulge yourself with one of our "Wine & Dine Packages", combining a 1 or 2 night stay at La Dolce Vita, a wine tasting visit to a local vineyard and a delicious evening meal.

Be prepared to be pampered at our table. A sample full evening meal:  Asian flavored scallop spoon with white wine Kir, grilled aubergine salad, pork filet mignon medallions in herbs with miso-mash, ginger-spiced frozen fromage blanc!

Annual Cookie Basket


Well, as no one gave me any ideas and no favorites were mentioned, I made some executive decisions and came up with my cookie basket menu that goes like this...


Chocolate-Cacao Espresso Snowcaps :

melted chocolate mixed with pure coco powder and thick espresso, these rolled cookies were then dipped in powdered sugar not once, but twice.  When baked the top explodes to look like snow-capped beauties - and yummy they are !






Winter Spiced Cookies :

cinnamon, ginger (powdered and cristallized), cloves and molasses make up this spicy blend of drop cookies.


Chocolate & Raisin Cookies :

melted chocolate, brandy-soaked raisins make for a rich and boozy, chewy drop cookie - perfect for the holidays and munching on with a glass of mulled wine !




Pumpkin-Cranberry Bars :


one of the quickest bar cookies to make with leftover Halloween pumpkin & dried cranberries, which are the perfect marriage with this sweet, winter squash.  All ingredients are mixed together in a very wet dough, poured into a baking dish and into the oven.  When cooled, slice and eat this moist treat...uhmmmmm.





Buttermilk - Chocolate Bars :


a rich, caky brownie made with melted chocolate and buttermilk gives this bar cookie it's height and fluffyness - enjoy with your morning coffee.






Peanut-Butter Chocolate-Chip Sandwich Cookies :

que rico!! These traditional drop cookies are exactly as they are titled, chocolate chips and peanut-butter, and are even stuck together with a chocolate, peanut-butter and whipping cream filling - soft and gooey you can't eat just one !






Lemon-Lime Snowballs :


another year as snowballs are always a favorite - light and refreshing these refrifgerator cookies, use lime juice & zest and a very precious lemon oil to give them a nice rich & zingy taste to end a heavy duck dinner prehaps...





Cherry Honeyed-Almond Shortbread :


a bit more work, but well-worth the taste - sliced, toasted almonds stirred into a honey sauce and dried are added to shortbread dough along with whiskey-soaked dried cherries, formed into logs and refridgerated for a day.  Sliced thickly, then baked this shortbread is light and crrrunchy, chewy with cherry and tasty with almonds...


Enjoy the tasting !


Winter Melon Jam


Winter melon around here is referred to as one of it summer cousins - Watermelon.  Although you would not want to eat it raw, it makes a wonderful, locally flavored jam that pleases the palate.  It is an easy recipe to follow...enjoy :

1 kg winter melon

500 gr sugar

2 lemons or small oranges


Remove the rind from the melon, and deseed while cutting into cubes.



Place melon and sugar in a large, heavy-bottomed pan and macerate overnight.









Place the pan over medium heat and cook until the fruit has softened and becomes thick and jammy.  Use a potato masher if you want it smoother.  Prepare your jars by placing them in very hot water until you are ready to fill.


Remove from heat and fill jar, leaving about 1/2 inch, close tightly & turn upside down, cool.

pasteque-jam-jars pasteque-jam-jars-upside-down

Enjoy the spoils of making your own sweet jam!


Cookies Please


It's that time of year again...planning the list of cookies, cupcakes, muffins, mini breads & bar cookies for our winter gift giving baskets.  This year, we would like suggestions from those near and far, and your favorites from those who await the goodies arrival each year !

Here are a few samples from year's past :


      Iced Sugar Cookie cut-outs                             Carrot Cookies with Cream Cheese Icing


Oatmeal Spreads


Chocolate Chip Cookies                                           Molasses Ginger Cookies


Peanut Butter and Jam Bars


If none of those tickle your tastbuds, what about these options : Banana or Zucchini Bread, Peppermint Meringue Kisses, Cocoa Thumbprints, Cranberry & Nut Bars, Lemon Drops, Chocolate Espresso Snowcaps...or savory muffins like Cheese & Bacon, Tomato Basil, Corn & Hot Pepper...just to name a few.

Awating your comments and desires - Enjoy the challenge and the fruits of our labor !

Thank you everyone for your support this year.


Tasty tagine trio


Our dinner table has no limits - Magreb meal for any picky eater

We start this dinner with a trio of tasty morsels : cumin carrots, for those with a sweet spicy tooth - fava salad with a touch of fresh red onion and fresh beans - courgettes cubed and mixed with magreb spices.  The choice is yours, however, once you taste each one, there won't be a choice to make, the plate will be empty !


Main dish is cooking on the stove, steaming in an original clay, Tagine pot : Chicken, local green olives &tagine-chicken-olive preserved lemons.  Served right from the tagine placed directly on the table, over freshly steamed couscous grains soaking up all the juices.



Ending the meal is as much a pleasure as starting this evening, a trio of goat cheeses : fresh with garlic and olive oil, fresh with local honey and a Rocamadour served aside walnuts and raisins - can't choose ? then don't taste them all.

Bon Apetit !