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Wine in the Minervois - Domaine de Jouarres



A new chapter in the Minervois wine series - a new domaine with great energy & enthusiasm in Azille's own hamlet.  Run by Nicolas & Vincent Cornus and their father, Jean: the Domaine de Jouarres.

Languedoc-Roussillon has so many wines to offer, so it is nice to see more & more young, up-and-coming wine-makers in the Minervois to really showcase our region with it's strengths & favours


Jean Cornus has been growing and harvesting his vineyards in Azille for years, however, all destined for the local cooperative.



 A few years ago, Nicolas & Vincent, decided they wanted to try their hand in vinification & bottling their own wine.  So, Jean gave them 25 hectares with 3 different grapes varieties to produce about 10,000 bottles - syrah for the red, cabernet-franc for the rose and chardonnay for the white.

Today, they are on their second bottling, with the 2014 ready for tasting in only a few months' time.

Confident and very passionate, the boys happily share the vinification process and offer a very informational & friendly tasting.


domaine-jouarres-red-rosedomaine-jouarres-whiteAll 3 wines are young, light & fresh, better for drinking in our hot summer months, here in the South of France.

The Chardonnay is a dry, fruity white, fermented slightly under the average temp's, extracting more flavor with a slower vinification. Great for a chilled aperitif, raw oysters & lightly seasoned shellfish.

The rose, a Cabernet-Franc (mostly seen only in the Anjou), has buttery flavors that pare well with grilled chicken & pork or on its own, just chilled!  The very pale color is achieved with a quick pressing & a 'debourbage', eliminating the sediment.

Another mono-cepage, the Syrah, has a red-fruit nose and tastes of jam with licorice undertones, typical of the varietal. Again, vinified a bit cooler for a lighter, fresher taste, it compliments a nice grilled steak or slightly chilled to start a meal.


With a clever label, the bottle takes on a fun note - a very original design, it plays into the family name, in French of course.  Cornus, is pronounce the same as Corps Nu, which means nude body!


During your tasting with the brothers Cornus, you will also be invited to take a walk out to the vineyards and the 17th century aquaduct, built by the Canal du Midi's architect, Pierre-Paul Riquet.  Just beyond the hamlet, the ancient water viaduct runs from the canal, across the vineyards to Homps, and still provides water for the surrounding countryside.


Domaine de Jouarres can be visited with a wine-tasting, vineyard tour, & a very warm welcome - just a phone call away! You'll feel very much at home with the boys Cornus.

Contact La Dolce Vita directly for more information and to book your tasting soon!