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Wine in the Minervois - Chateau Massiac


Here in the Minervois, we could talk about wines for years and still not touch upon them all, nor taste everything out there without falling down drunk (even if you spit) !

However, I can talk about what I know and what I've learned about those in my large neigborhood. So stay close and come visit our regional Chateaux with myself and Wendy Gedney on our local tours.massiac-vines-rainbow-domain

Close to home, literally, is Chateau Massiac. Between Azille & Rieux-Minervois – from bell tower to bell tower as Bernard Boudouresque explains it to me in his local French accent - are the limits of Domaine de Massiac sitting upon a ancient Mediterranean hill. Bernard purchased the Chateau in 1988, which was abandoned in spirit as the previous owner had all but forgotten the domaine and let it all go downhill…the vines, the basin, the equipment, the animals all in ruins.

massiac-domaine-watering-hole       massiac-relics-work-vines

Over the last 25 years with Bernard's love & passion for the domaine, its earth & its fruit, he has turned vines into fertile, well-producing plants and is bottling the wine production rather than sselling loose production wine to large, local wineries.

He has come to understand the soil and all it’s properties using nature to his advantage. Bernard-Boudouresques


The soil is full of grés, a clay-limestone, which when the vines’ roots hit they spread outwards instead of growing deeper. This creates many challenges for a typical vineyard, at the same time there are also many advantages. The grés in Massiac’s land is not as hard as some and allows the soil to drain well, avoiding too much water around the roots. On the other hand, the vines are not as stable with the strong winds we have in the area, so they must be cut in a non-traditional fashion so that tying them to the wires allows the wind to flow easily through the rows, not taking them out of the ground.massiac-hand-gobalet-vines




The traditional goblet style of the vine has been turned into a 7 fingered open-hand with Bernard’s creative touch.

The hill where the grapes grow is also an advantage as the wind flows easily through the vines to keep them from becoming humid & the sun warms them during the day producing tastier and more aromatic grapes.


Next week I'll explain Bernard & Massiac's wine and vinification process with tastings detailed out to entice you to explore the domaine yourself - TO BE CONTINUED...a bientot!