A taste of the sweet life

Tasty tagine trio


Our dinner table has no limits - Magreb meal for any picky eater

We start this dinner with a trio of tasty morsels : cumin carrots, for those with a sweet spicy tooth - fava salad with a touch of fresh red onion and fresh beans - courgettes cubed and mixed with magreb spices.  The choice is yours, however, once you taste each one, there won't be a choice to make, the plate will be empty !


Main dish is cooking on the stove, steaming in an original clay, Tagine pot : Chicken, local green olives &tagine-chicken-olive preserved lemons.  Served right from the tagine placed directly on the table, over freshly steamed couscous grains soaking up all the juices.



Ending the meal is as much a pleasure as starting this evening, a trio of goat cheeses : fresh with garlic and olive oil, fresh with local honey and a Rocamadour served aside walnuts and raisins - can't choose ? then don't taste them all.

Bon Apetit !