With its population of around 1,300 inhabitants, Azille has much to offer in terms of history & culture. Many parts of the original fortified walls, towers and entryways can still be seen surrounding the very center of town, as well as historic buildings and relics scattered throughout. A self-guided tour map is available for your discovery of Azille:

  • In the middle ages, Azille was one of the more important sites of the Archdiocese of Narbonne, which gave it the 14th century church of St. Julien in the center of town (still maintained and in use to this day). The Clarisses Monastery is just around the corner from the church and may also be visited.
  • There are also a number of chateaux from the 19th century still in use today, which you can see as you stroll around the village. Take special note of the Chateau Gallimard, right behind La Dolce Vita, of which the Azillaise population are quite proud!
  • Only 3 kilometers from the center of Azille, the Canal du Midi runs through the vineyards and the community's hamlet of Jouarrès, which houses original aging barrels of gargantuan size.

Azille also offers many local services within the village to make you more at home:

  • In town, there are a few wine tasting rooms and Azille's own Cave Cooperative, which is home to many of the grapes harvested in the fall from the vineyards surrounding the village. Private tastings can be arranged. See our Wine and Dine tours or contact us directly for details.
  • Several mornings a week local vendors arrive on the promenade selling fresh vegetables, fruits, seafood, clothing and bric-a-brac, as well as a butcher and fish monger.
  • Throughout the year, Azille offers a variety of street fairs and festivals, local craft fairs, food and wines, flea markets, art exhibitions, and a historic Spanish Feria, just to name a few! Plus many artisans and their crafts are on display around town throughout the year.
  • We also have a local art gallery, café/bar, restaurant, tourist office, post office (la poste), pizzeria, bakery (boulangerie), grocery store (épicerie), pharmacy, two hairdressers (coiffeurs), a tabacconist (tabac), and several doctors. 
  • Note: Unfortunately there is no longer an ATM (cash dispenser) service in the village. The nearest ATM can be found in La Redorte, so plan ahead!