Wine & Dine Sejours

Wine & Food in Balance

There are no more rules to follow when it comes to which wines you are supposed to like or drink with your meal. Instead, learn what pleases your taste buds. We will present to you an array of local wines with various morsels, guidance, explanation and tasting so that you discover what your palete says.  Try salty, sour, sweet & spicy with a variety of white, rose & red wines to find your particular balance and learn what to order with your next meal, your preference!

Your evening will include several local wines & specially made finger foods, along with finishing touches both in wines and sweets.  Evening imbibing per person is 50€, 2 person minimum.

Wine & Dine Winery Visits

Thanks to our close ties with two local vineyards, you can now indulge yourself with one of our "wine & dine" vintner tours.  Combine a 2 night stay at La Dolce Vita with a welcome glass, personal wine tasting, cellar & vineyard visit, along with a delicious 4-course dinner prepared to accompany the wines from the vintner you visit.  This adventure is 125€ per person, min. 2 in a double room.

Domaine La Parra - traditional Vinification

Celian & Sonia, the owners, pride themselves on the use of age-old methods of cultivation and invite you to discover their passion for a simple, rational form of agriculture that involves hand pruning, natural irrigation, traditional vinification, manual bottling, and distribution via local markets. Domaine La Parra offers a selection of traditionally produced local wines and hand-pressed olive oil.

Your visit to the Domaine La Parra wine cellar & vineyard may include:

  • Exploring the vineyards and olive groves, observing & possibly participating in seasonal work (pruning, hand or machine harvesting, olive gathering & pressing).
  • Visiting the cellar and learning more about the vinification process.
  • Tasting a selection of wines and labeling your own bottle

Last minute cellar & wine-tasting visits can be arranged, as Sonia & Celian are open to sharing their experience as young wine growers & vintners - and the olive oil is also worth a taste before you go!

Chateau Guéry - debutante Oenology

The Guéry family (Antoine, his wife Maguy, their son René-Henry and daughter-in-law Florence), are very much attached to the Azille region which their ancestors have cultivated since the beginning of the 17th century. They invite you to discover Château Guéry and their remarkable family of independent wine makers.

Your visit to Chateau Guery wine cellar & tasting room may include:

  • a half day debutante Oenology wine tasting session at Château Guéry
  • a visit to the wine cellar to see grape to wine process

At any time of the year, we can arrange a visit and tasting session for you. The Guéry's welcome you to their wine cellar & treat you to an unforgettable wine-tasting experience, a journey of the senses and new sensations in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.